Legal specializations and jurisdictions

Lawyer H.C. van den Akker has registered the following jurisdictions in accordance with the provisions of Article 35b, first paragraph, of the ‘Regulation on the legal profession’ in the register of jurisdictions of the Netherlands Bar Association:



public administration law
civil law
criminal law

This registration obliges him to earn ten training points per calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association in each registered jurisdiction.

in TRANSPORT LAW especially:

  • International Road transport law CMR
  • General Road Transport Cinditions AVC2002 / Book 8 BW
  • General Payment Terms
  • General market conditions
  • Company Terms
  • Removal Right AVVV / AVBV / AVB
  • Tank Transit Conditions ATCB
  • Courier terms AVK
  • Exceptional Transport AVET
  • Waste transportation AVAW
  • Transport of motor vehicles AVCM
  • Storage of stranded vehicles ABVV
  • Driving Flour Recycling RMO Transport
  • Storage, Physical Distribution, Warehousing PDV / AVD
  • Expedition
  • Intermodal transport
  • Transport hazardous substances ADR / VLG
  • Road Traffic Law WVW / RVV
  • Driver CBR / CCV
  • Working and driving times ATBV
  • Transport Licenses Wwg
  • Personnel transport Wp2000
  • Public passenger transport
  • General Taxi Conditions
  • Ambulance transport
  • Bus / coach transport

regarding PROPERTY LAW especially: 

  • Building Law Title 7.12 BW
  • UAV 1989
  • Adoption of the work
  • Delivery
  • Extra work
  • Hidden flaws

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